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Tyler Collins for Oregon House District 11!

We The People

Let me fight for you.

Like many of you I have been watching the decline of our state for a long time.  I realized that if blue collar, working, family centered people don't start getting involved that we would not see any positive change.  I have made it my personal fight to:


1. Rein in Administrative and bureaucratic overreach that is overly concerned with power above common sense and effectiveness.  These agencies are effectively creating and enforcing legislation (by definition).  Contrary to the Oregon state constitution Article 3 sec 1 (which was amended in 2012 to make it weaker) which gives the legislature the sole ability to create legislation and forbids the administrative branch (if you can call it a branch) from creating legislation.  Every Administrative rule is supposed to have statute backing it without variation.  Right now there are rules in place without being backed by statute.  This is a direct violation to our rights of conscience (also in our state constitution article 1 sec 3).  This must come to an end.

2. Put parents back in control of their children's education.  Public school is a tax payer funded service to educate our kids.  Public school is not a place for indoctrination.  Parents have little ability to effect change.  Parents need to have the ability to pick their children's schooling and have the funding follow those kids whether it's a public, charter, private or home school.  Our public education system is failing our children and right now there is nothing giving the parents the ability to affect change.  Allowing parents to choose their childs type and location of school, would be an effective tool to get the education system to start listening to the parents..  These are our children, we are not co-parenting with the government.


3. Promote a business-friendly economic environment in our state.  We have been driving business away for far too long.  How many businesses have you watched close down or move out of state over the last couple decades?  


4. Uphold the Second Amendment.  We must stop making law abiding citizens criminals.  We must ensure our citizens have the ability to defend themselves without infringement.


5. Create stronger communication between legislators and their voters.  I will always read and educate myself on issues important to my district.  I will always take the time to listen to the people of my district.  I will go to Salem and vote for YOU.  I have yet to see a representative go in there and fully represent me or my family.

6. Decrease the tax burden on our population.  Oregon currently has the second highest income tax burden in our country.  We can and will do better than this.  By promoting a business friendly economic environment in this state, we can turn this around.


7. I will talk with land owners and forestry companies to come up with an effective plan to properly manage our forests and reduce the risk of out-of-control forest fires.

8. I fully support our law enforcement.  I would never vote to defund or restrict our officers and make our public less safe.

9. I fully support our active duty and retired military personnel.  I do not take the freedoms we have today for granted.

I am not a politician.  I am a family man with 9 kids, a blue collar working man and a constitution loving patriot that has seen and heard enough from politicians to know that they are not the answer.  We are the answer.  Let's take our state back. 

Stop in from time to time and take a look at the blog.  I will be highlighting bad legislation from the last couple of years for those of you that haven't had the time to pay enough attention.  This website will be continually updated.

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